Collection: Blindfolds and Gags

Sensory depravation can be super sexy — and a friendly beginner-level threshold to explore kink! Blindfolds focus a partner’s senses by limiting or disabling their vision. Made of many different types of materials (e.g., leather, faux leather, satin, neoprene), blindfolds are a tantalizing addition to use with your sensual play partner(s)! Our sexy blindfolds come in a variety of colors and styles. We carry blindfolds and bondage kits that include cuffs with a blindfold

Want to limit your partner’s ability to speak? Check out our selection of gags, including ball gags, bone gags, bit gags, and O-ring gags. Are you a newbie to the use of gags during play time? Drooling is to be expected and nothing to be embarrassed about. Beginners may want to start with a smaller silicone gag with breathing holes. Silicone permits a more comfortable bite than most other materials, and breathable ball gags allow the wearer to breathe through their mouth as well as their nose.

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