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Sensation play can take sexual experiences to new levels! Sensory play is play involving the human body’s sensory systems, including touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight (and many a sensory devotee will add proprioception and interception to the list of physical sensations that make erotic play so fun).

Sensation play may involve temperature play, with hot wax or ice cubes (or both!), massage candles, and maybe a stainless steel wand that is warmed or cooled. Estim, or electro stimulation, is a way of bringing electricity into your sensory play. Or check out our flavored Aloe Cadabra lubes to engage your sense of taste! The popular Wartenberg wheels are a common place to start exploring new sensations. And for those into adventurous forms of sensory play, vampire gloves certainly will leave a lasting impression.

Sensory deprivation is a popular spin on sensation play – blindfolds and ball gags, accentuated by a little bondage to constrain touch, will heighten the senses still available to a partner. There are countless ways to accessorize your sensory play!

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