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Many types of devices can be used for impact play. From using one’s hand for a spank to mastering the art of Florentine flogging, there’s a little something for everyone wanting the endorphin rush of merging pleasurable and intense sensations.

There are many characteristics to consider when selecting an impact toy, including, but not limited to its weight and length, material, impact surface area, and desired sensation. Many impact toys are described using terms such as “thuddy” or “stingy.” A thuddy toy will be felt deep in the muscles while stingy toys create a piercing or burning sensation, usually localized to a smaller surface area than when a thuddy toy is used. Floggers, whips, riding crops, canes, paddles, and stingers are major types of impact toys. Toy material will affect how a toy feels: stainless steel feels different than leather, which feels different from silicone, for instance.

Impact play is safe if precautions are taken to avoid sensitive and critical areas, including over the spine, near any vital organ, or on any bodily surface that lacks muscle or fat tissue. To make sure you play safe, find a kink book to guide you when considering a new impact tool.

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