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Nipple clamps (or nipple clips) provide a hands-free way to include another erogenous zone in your play. There are several types of nipple clamps, from those that are gentle for sensitive skin, to nipple stimulators, to those that provide intense sensation. Nipple suction kits can also provide varying levels of sensation, adding a plethora of possible sensory experiences to your sex life.

Nipple clamps and clips are easy to use and many are adjustable so just the right amount of tension and pressure are applied. Magnetic clamps add an additional playful element for the nipple play adventurer. And nipple clamps aren’t just for breast-owners! Everyone with nipples can enjoy nipple play. And you just might experiment with clamping other small nubby body parts.

When using nipple toys, limit use to about 15 minutes and definitely no longer than 30 minutes. Blood flow is important; hence, constricting sex toys should be used for short periods of time. If you want to learn more about spicing up your sex life safely with nipple toys, check out “The Toybag Guide to Clips and Clamps,” or read our blog post "Deciding on the Right Nipple Clamps."

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