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Broad Tip Clamps with Glass Beads

Broad Tip Clamps with Glass Beads

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You'll love these adjustable broad-tip glass beaded nipple clamps! Choose from sapphire blue, scarlet red, pink, or violet purple beads. Soft rubber tips offer maximum comfort. Easily adjust the clamps by twisting the thumb screw — from merely lovely decoration to pretty strong sensation.


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Adjustable wide broad tip beaded nipple clamps. Sold as a pair.

Slim, sleek, and lovely! Adjustable wide style beaded nipple clamps with glass beads and soft rubber tips. Adjust the clamps by twisting the thumb screw -- from merely lovely decoration to pretty strong stimulation.

Like the beads, unsure about the Broad Tip? Try these Adjustable Tweezer Clamps instead!

Why Clamps?

Clamps are commonly associated with the kinkier side of bedroom play and are quite popular in the BDSM scene because they provide a sensation where they are applied to the body. The sensation is created because clamps increase blood flow to the area. Clamps provide a heightened sensitivity to the body and for some translates as pleasure, not pain. There is a fine line between pleasure and pain and clamps provide a way of exploring your limits. The BDSM scene isn’t for everyone, but I encourage you to invite aspects of BDSM you are curious about into your safe place for exploration.

Not Just For Nipples

Clamps have been around for what seems to be forever. Pretty much anything that can provide a pinch can be used as a clamp. The classic that many people thing about are traditional wooden clothespins. These can still be found on the market, but provide little adjustment in pressure. Nowadays, manufacturers provide not only the wooden clothespin, but also clamps made from nickel or brass with rubber tips. The rubber tips provide a safe barrier which allows even those with skin sensitivities to try out the metal clamps. These new styles are not just for nipples. Clamps can be applied to the clitoris, taint, testes, penile shaft, or any place where a small part of flesh can support a clamp.

How to Select your Clamps: check out our write up on this for more info.