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Cock rings are stretchy rings designed to be worn at the base of the penis offering a gentle squeezing sensation. When someone gets an erection, blood flows in through a central vein on the bottom of the penis. But when a person goes soft, the blood flows out through the capillaries on the outside of the shaft. Adding a cockring (also called c-rings), can press gently on those capillaries & slow the flow of blood out of the penis, therefore prolonging erections. In addition, many people find they enjoy the sensation of pressure that cockrings provide, or the appearance of a cockring presenting their package front and center. Cockrings are incredibly versatile, with a wide selection to choose from. There are single ring, double-ring, snug, stretchy, vibrating, and even adjustable options to choose from. There is truly a ring for everyone! Browse below to see why cock rings are so popular, and be sure to read out blog about How to Wear a Cock Ring to play safely and maximize pleasure!

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