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Nubbed Silicone-Covered Magnetic Orb Clamps

Nubbed Silicone-Covered Magnetic Orb Clamps

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This set of two magnetized spheres may be small in size, but they pack some serious sensation! Once placed around your most sensitive flesh, these powerful magnets begin to apply pressure. The silicone outer layer keeps these clamps from pressing too hard, while the texture of the silicone create a tantalizing feeling unlike any other. Powerful magnets coated in body-safe silicone offer a reduced intensity while still enjoying the magnet’s pinch. The magnetized spheres are made with magnets coated in stainless steel and wrapped in textured, nubbed silicone.

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These textured magnetic spheres will give you a pinch of pleasure!

This set of Nubbed Magnetic Clamps comes with two silicone coated orbs that may appear small, but can apply. Once placed on sensitive flesh, the magnets begin to yearn for their partner and press closer and closer together, making the pinch grow stronger the longer you let them sit.

The soft, phthalate free silicone coating decreases the intensity of the pinch while still maintaining the strength, but they can be used without the covers for an extra bite. Make a game of seeing how long they can keep this pinching pair in place. As your plaything relaxes, the pressure will continue to give them what they have been craving.

For a more intense, silicone-free version of these unique clamps, try the Magnus Magnetic Orb Clamps!

Measurements: .45" in diameter.
Materials: Neodymium magnet and silicone.
Color: Black silicone, silver metal.
Includes: 2 spheres.