Thinking Global, Working Local

Spotlight on (Some of) Our Local Partners

Since our founding nearly 10 years ago, As You Like It has remained focused on serving our local community, while also making sure to keep the wellbeing of our planet in mind. Luckily, forming partnerships with local artists, authors, and artisans helps serve both goals at once!

As a small business ourselves, we know how important it is to show up for other small brands, especially those in our region. After all, it's the most direct way to support the nearby individuals and organizations whose mission aligns with ours. And we know that it is only by standing together that we will ever be able to survive against the likes of Amazon.

Shopping small wherever we can also keeps our impact on the planet as low as possible, since we don't need to use fossil fuels transporting our products around the world. In today's hyper-connected society, it's convenient to turn to mass production. But when it comes to art and pleasure, we believe that the passion and quality behind a product is far more important.

The following are just some of the local and regional artisans and authors whose work you can find in our store. Please note that because many of these vendors are small companies or single craftspeople with limited or one-of-a-kind stock, we often carry a much wider selection of their work in store than you can find on our site. Visit us in person to see our full selection of locally and regionally produced goodies!

  • Breathe Toys

    Based in Eugene, Breathe Toys is known for their incredible one-of-a-kind kink gear. Hand-dyed and often made from repurposed leather, these pieces will take your breath away.

    Visit Breathe Toys 
  • Proud Colors

    Created by a former AYLI employee and friend of the store, Proud Colors creates radical and beautiful art. Their stickers are designed to help show off nerdy, neurodiverse, and BIPOC pride!

    Visit Proud Colors 
  • Sabersmyth Leather

    The Oregon leatherworkers at Sabersmyth are known for createing comfort-forward handmade kink gear designed to perfectly merge quality and style for sensitive kinksters.

    Visit Sabersmyth Leather 
  • Richard McConochie

    Local artist Richard McConochie makes beautiful and unique pieces inspired by fantasy. You can see his work on display in our Ashland shop, or get a coloring book to take it home!

    Visit Richard McConochie 
  • Thunderpants USA

    Created in Portland, Thunderpants USA offers ethically made and incredibly comfortable wedgie-proof underwear and comfortable bralettes for all bodies and genders.

    Visit Thunderpants USA 
  • Micah BlackLight

    Ashland artist and author Micah BlackLight is best known in our shop for his gorgeous artwork (including fun coloring books) and fantastical erotica series, Cult of the Serpentari.

    Visit Micah BlackLight 
  • Seagrape Apothecary

    If you value all-natural ingredients and actual humans making your oils, lotions, balms, massage candles, and other skincare, then you will love Portland-based Seagrape Apothecary!

    Visit Seagrape Apothecary 
  • Janet Hardy

    Over the years, Janet Hardy of The Ethical Slut has established herself as a leading expert in the world of kink education. But did you know that this iconic author is also a Eugene local?

    Shop Janet Hardy's Books 
  • Chub Rub Clothing

    Based in Seattle, Chub Rub Clothing is a line of sustainable plus-size lingerie, ravewear, and swimwear made specifically for embracing the sensuality of bigger bodies.

    Visit Chub Rub Clothing 
  • S. Park

    S. Park is a local PNW author whose body of work showcases unexpected scenes of queer and kinky erotica. From superheroes to humanoid escorts, their work encourages us to embrace the idea that when it comes to pleasure, anything is possible.

    Shop Books by S. Park 
  • Switch Leather Co.

    For those who are in the market for a leather harness that feels as good as it looks, we cannot recommend Switch Leather highly enough. Based in Portland, this queer-owned company makes their straps from 100% high-quality American leather.

    Visit Switch Leather Co. 
  • Annie Sprinkle

    The great Annie Sprinkle and her partner Beth Stephens are some of our favorite authors! Their pioneering work in Ecosexuality has been a huge source of inspiration to us since our founding, and their books have been bestsellers ever since we opened.

    Visit Annie Sprinkle 
  • Standard Glass

    When it comes to glass, we always prefer hand blown. That's why we love Standard Glass. Based in Washington state, this small shop has been producing stunning one-of-a-kind glass sex toys since 1998!

    Visit Standard Glass 
  • Recherche Clothing

    For those who like sheer and lace lingerie, there is no comparison to Recherche. This Ashland-based company specializes in see-through, and every piece is made by hand for a delicate & detailed design.

    Visit Recherche Clothing 
  • Astral Jae

    Astral Jae designs for the proud magic user in all of us! They are currently taking a break while moving, but we still have lots of their Pride Witch Hat and Out of the Broom Closet stickers in stock — stop by to see them all!

    Visit Astral Jae 

What can you do to support local artists?

If you want to support your local artists and artisans, be sure to frequent small, locally owned shops — like ours — that stock their products! You can also follow your favorites on social media to stay updated on what they're working on, or order directly from them. If you have the funds, you can even commission a local artist for a one-of-a-kind piece, made just for you!

As You Like It was created to serve our beautiful, diverse, vibrant PNW community, and we are incredibly proud of the local artisans who work with us to provide our customers with local, ethical, sustainable, unique, eco-conscious, sensual, body-safe goodies.

Are you a sex-positive artist, author, or artisan based in the PNW? We'd like to work with you!
Fill out our Contact Form to inquire about a professional partnership with As You Like It!