These Are Spirit Fingers!

These Are Spirit Fingers!

Using your Fingers for Magical Pleasure

by Javay da BAE aka The Millennial Sexpert

Spirit fingers may be known in the cheerleading world, but spirit fingers can also mean the spirit of pleasure with fingering. If you want to unlock the magic that is pleasurable spirit fingers, upping your skills and techniques is where you begin. We know that without guidance it can be a little daunting or overwhelming so here is a quick guide to making magic through fingering.

What is fingering?

Fingering is when you digitally stimulate different parts of the body, typically the vagina and anus. Many people think of fingering just as the thrusting in and out motion, but you can use your fingers in so many different ways that it isn't just back and forth, in and out. Fingering is so much more and is not just penetration, but rather all the different ways you can stimulate the body by just using your fingers.

Safer Fingering

Many people have been told the misinformation that you don’t have to worry about safer sex practices with activities like fingering because you can’t contact STIs. That is not true. Any activity that involves bodily fluids of any kind can lead to the transmission of STIs so if you want to engage in safer sex there are some things you can do. Barrier methods for fingering include latex or nitrile gloves, finger cots, and Lorals latex underwear.

Latex and nitrile gloves provide full coverage of the hand so you can have more piece of mind while you play. Finger cots only provide coverage for singular fingers, so if you are planning to use multiple fingers it might not be the best option, but if you are wanting to move from anal fingering to vaginal fingering and back again finger cots are a good option because they are easier to switch. Lorals latex underwear are a great choice for non-penetrative fingering and if you want to move from fingering to oral stimulation.

Another safer sex practice you can implement is regular STI testing. Regular STI testing can give you the piece of mind to engage in fingering without barrier methods. Another safer sex practice for fingering is using lube. Lube helps minimize friction which can lead to microtears and fissures, which make you more susceptible to STIs. Lube also adds to the pleasure and magic of fingering.

Tips for Making it Magical

If you want to make the fingering experience magical the number one thing to remember is that there is so much of the body that can be stimulated. You don’t have to just penetrate with your fingers, you can massage, caress, and stimulate in many different ways. Consider massaging the labia or the butt cheeks or even stimulating the nipples while actually penetrating. You can also add some magic by using toys. Finger vibes, like the Fin by Dame, do really nicely for adding some vibration. If you have vibrating cockrings, putting them around your fingers and then letting the vibration be felt through your hands is also an option and does wonders during a nice massage. You can also use toys for added sensations like a Wartenberg wheel.

There are so many different ways to engage in fingering that aren’t just how you may have fingered in early adolescence. If you want to dive deeper into the world of fingering consider joining the upcoming fingering workshop at the Eugene store on February 14, 2024.

About the Author:

Javay da BAE aka @TheMillenialSexpert

Javay da BAE (aka The Millennial Sexpert) is a sex educator, content creator, pleasure professional, spicy accountant, and academic. She is currently working on her PhD in Human Sexuality and PhD in communication & media studies and has a Masters in Sex Education from Widener University. Javay began working in the pleasure industry in 2018 and instantly fell in love with all things sex, pleasure, and sex education. Her academic areas of study are sex work, kink/BDSM, and the media’s impact on sexuality.

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