Requesting Community Support

Following a Break In at our Eugene Store

  • On October 16th, our store was broken into. We were robbed.

    This store, this labor of love, a sanctuary for many in the community, was violated. Without going into too much detail, it seems the robbers’ primary motivation was increasing their pleasure.

    We are angry and hurt, and of course we feel violated and frustrated. It’s painful that a business built around increasing love and pleasure would be violated so selfishly.

Part of our devastation is that we realize now that we will need to invest potentially thousands of dollars to increase our security. Insurance will cover some of the damage and theft, but not everything. Even after replacing the damaged property and product, we will also have to pay to get bars on the windows and doors. We had already invested in higher quality doors but the robbers were determined to smash their way through.

It’s not just an issue of money. When something like this happens, it’s easy to feel powerless, hopeless and tempted to give up.

What can you do to support?

Please help remind us why we do what we do! Leave us positive reviews, send us messages or leave comments on our social media, tell your friends about us, or visit the store to show some love and support to our amazing employees who have been holding it down in hard times.

Additionally, if you're able to financially support us during this time, you can help us by donating to As You Like It's security fund using the button below. And as always, if you can afford to help out a small business struggling to undermine the vampirism of capitalism, even as we are forced to operate within it, your financial support means so much to us, now and always.

With Love and Tears,
- Kim and the As You Like It team