Weighted Snug Plug 6


The Weighted Snug Plug 6 is the Goliath of the Snug Plug line; this is the largest size, at a mighty 515 grams/18 ounces of pleasure.

Designed for discreet extended wear, Snug Plugs have a rounded edge for easy insertion and are precision-shaped for incredible sensations.

Weighted balls within the body of the plug provide sensual feelings of fullness, while the thin, flexible neck allows for comfortable wear.

The Snug Plug 6 is the biggest of the bunch; this plug is roughly the size of six fingers, and comes in black.



What are Snug Plugs?

Snug Plugs by b-Vibe are a unique type of butt plug; they feature a totally special torpedo shape. The soft ridges of the plug provide internal stimulation of the anal canal as they move inside the body. Each Snug Plug provides a satisfying feeling of internal fullness.

The body is more responsive to pressure and movement inside the anal canal. Snug Plug’s unique precision design and heft provide both types of erotic stimulation as they slide along the inner wall of the bum. The 6 styles feature progressively heavier weights, ranging from 55 grams to 515 grams.

Snug Plugs

A long thin, flexible neck, smooth grip handle, and soft seamless silicone make Snug Plugs the most comfortable plugs for long-wear use and extended stimulation. Wear for hours while walking, sitting, and doing normal activity. Enjoy Snug Plugs discreetly for extended wear stimulation or wear one during partner sex. The added pressure of having something in your bum will produce toe-curling orgasmic sensations.

Weighted Snug Plug 6

Remember when we called our Snug Plug 5 the Goliath of all weighted butt plugs? We lied. Meet the titan of all titans, the Weighted Snug Plug 6.

Weighing an almighty 515 grams, the Snug Plug 6 ranks among the world’s heaviest plugs and offers an other-worldly feeling of fullness like no other.

Made from body-safe silicone, the Snug Plug 6 features everything that has made b-Vibe a pioneer among advanced anal play. Its tapered design allows for easy insertion despite its gargantuan size, while the T-shaped base makes extended wear seem like a walk in the park.

Be sure to check out our Rapid Review covering this line of hefty plugs!

Additional information

Weight 35 oz
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 5 in


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