Texture Set Plugs by B-Vibe


When B-Vibe asked dildo duchess Zoë Ligon what was missing from b-Vibe’s collection of premium anal toys, she replied, “Textures.” So, they collaborated with Zoë to create a collection of three deliciously fun, texture-centric vibrating butt plugs to enjoy a unique way to anal play. But why have one when you can have them all?




  • The smallest of the tantalizing trio, the Bump Texture Plug provides a unique surface & way to introduce anal play. Wrapped in ‘bumpy’ textures, this small vibrating butt plug massages the sphincter as it enters and exits the body.
  • The Swirl Texture Plug, at a medium size, elevates the idea of a spiraled butt plug to the next level. With its rope-like features, this medium vibrating butt plug creates tugging and twisting sensations coveted by anal enthusiasts.
  • The Twist Texture Plug is your escort to advanced anal paradise. Bold with delicate ripples of varying sizes, this large vibrating butt plug offers that sensual feeling of fullness that anal lovers crave.

The dense texture is designed to massage the sphincter as it enters and exits the body, while providing a unique surface that creates delicious sensations during anal play. The texture plugs features 6 vibration patterns, and as a result has endless anal play possibilities. Get creative and ready to enter a wonderland of good vibes and mind-blowing orgasms.

In addition, b-Vibe Texture Plugs are hypoallergenic and made from premium 100% body-safe silicone. Each texture plug charges via magnetic charging, 2 hours of charge provide an hours play.



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Bump, Swirl, Twist, Full Trio


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