Standard Glass Handmade Dildos


Experience the height of luxury with these unique Standard Glass Handmade Dildos!

Because glass is incredibly smooth, this allows for minimal friction during use. You will be able to use lubricant in smaller quantities, and keeps things slippery for longer.

Because of its flawless surface, glass is easily sanitized with your choice of liquid disinfectants. Rubbing alcohol works well. This ease of cleaning allows for sanitary play, or use with multiple partners.

Standard Glass toys are hand-blown in the Pacific Northwest. Each one is made individually, and no two are exactly alike. Although you may make a color option, bear in mind that your toy may not look exactly like the ones in the photos.



Standard Glass Handmade Dildos are made from a type of lead-free glass called “soda lime glass”. They are not Pyrex™, or heat resistant glass. Although very strong and durable, our glass is sensitive to rapid changes in temperature. As you may know, boiling tea poured in to a bar pint glass can cause it to crack. A similar glass comprises our toys. This means that our dildos cannot be boiled, frozen, or autoclaved. Warm or cool water is the best way to change the temperature of your toy before use.

Furthermore, it is important that all end users are informed; whether at the time of purchase, or by the final gift-giver. A care and instruction card comes with every dildo that explains all of the important details.

We use this type of glass because the process involved allows for very vivid color applications, and a wonderfully fluid curve and form. This is the same glass used for centuries in windows, drinking cups, stained glass, and art vases. Some modern glass dildo makers use Pyrex™, which is a brand name of borosilicate (heat resistant) glass. Examples of borosilicate glass products include test tubes, measuring cups, and Visions™ stovetop cookware. The borosilicate dildo process uses pre-made rods and tubes of glass, which are slowly heated and shaped over a torch.

Glass is strong. Our dildos are slowly cooled (annealed) over 24 hours in a high end, computer-controlled electric oven. Safety is our number one concern. Standard Glass takes special pride in our quality of production, and our careful attention to the smallest details. Because of this, our glass toys are extremely strong and reliable.

Glass is very dense. Solid glass gives it a pleasing heft in the hand. Density also allows the dildo to remain cool or radiate warmth quite well.


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