How to Understand Your Gender


A practical guide for exploring who you are.

Have you ever questioned your gender identity, know someone who is trans, or just wanna know what the big deal is? This down-to-earth guide is engaging, thoughtful and covers everything from biology, history and sociology and the roles they play in our relationships and interactions with others.

How to Understand Your Gender is a great resource with activities and illustrations throughout.



How to Understand Your Gender is paperback, 288 Pages.

Alex Iantaffi
Author, independent scholar, licensed marriage and family therapist, and former editor-in-chief of the Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy. Co-founder of a group practice, Edges Wellness Center LLC, located on Dakota and Anishinaabe territories, currently known as Minneapolis, Minnesota. Additonally, they host the Gender Stories podcast and really enjoy creating content for both providers and the general public. They’ve given keynotes and presentations in various states in the US, in Canada, the UK, Europe (Italy, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Croatia), and Australia. Currently resides in the U.S. They are fluent in Italian, English, British Sign Language, and are learning American Sign Language.
Meg-John Barker
Full time writer, writing mentor, creative consultant, speaker, and independent scholar. They have written a number of anti self-help books on the topics of relationships, sex, and gender, as well as the graphic non-fiction books, Queer: A Graphic History and Gender: A Graphic Guide, and the book The Psychology of Sex. They are the writer of the relationships book and blog Rewriting the Rules, and they have a podcast with sex educator Justin Hancock.

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