Toybag Guide to Clips and Clamps


Are you looking for a pocket-sized guide to the basics of using clips and clamps on your sweetie? You’ve found it!

From a simple wooden clothespin to a hand-tooled precision device of gleaming chrome, clamps offer a diabolically intense and versatile spectrum of sensation to the knowledgeable player.

Whether you’re looking to heighten the intensity of traditional sexual play, or to introduce that perfectly almost-but-not-quite intolerable agony, this book is the clamp-user’s best friend.



The Toybag Guide series is a new concept from Greenery – sturdy little 4″ x 6″ quick reference guides you can drop in your toybag for just $10! Each of these books contains at least as much information as you could get from a full day’s workshop on the topic taught by one of the leaders in the scene – people like Jay Wiseman, Janet Hardy, Midori and John Warren.

128 Pages

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Weight 5 oz


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