You Are Enough


This is not a diet book. Oh hell no. Quite the opposite.

Have you ever told yourself that happiness will come after the next diet? That life will be better once you’ve lost the last few pounds?
What if you stopped relentlessly trying to change yourself, and started to accept your body as it is?

Inside the pages of this book are the tools that you need to stop waging war on your body and forget about dieting, forever. Includes advice and information, as well as exercises and visualizations, to help you on the way to unapologetic body acceptance.

By the time you have finished reading this book, you will never want to change your body again.



You Are Enough: How to Love the Skin You’re In and Embrace Your Awesomeness. Hardcover. 112 Pages.

Harri Rose is a qualified health coach who teaches unapologetic body acceptance and creative living. She believes that for too long, we have been apologizing for our bodies – and diet culture and beauty standards are holding us back from being our best selves.

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