Lube Launchers


Get lubricant where you need it most, instead of smeared all over your skin or your sheets. No more mess!

With this three-pack of lubricant shooters, you’ll be able to ensure that your favorite lubricant reaches its intended destination. Simply insert the end into your preferred lubricant and pull the plunger back to draw lube inside, then ready, aim, launch!



Lube Launchers come in a 3 Pack. Mixed colors. You will receive a random pack in wither pink, blue, or grey. If you have a color preference, feel free to leave us a note, but it will be dependent on our stock at the time of order.

An excellent tool for folks who need daily vaginal moisturizing, all you need to do is fill it up with your favorite lubricant, insert and release into the body where needed…it is as simple as that!

The lube launchers narrowed injector makes it easy to ease into anal or vaginal play by lubricating those hard to reach places and the convenient finger grips allow for precise insertion while the attractive casing is easy to clean.

Includes two additional launchers.

Why is this product in our Sex and Age category?

It can be especially challenging for older folks to stay lubricated enough for comfort. In addition, people who are dealing with painful penetration and may be choosing to use dilators or kegel balls often find their practice easier if they use a lube launcher to line the vagina in lubrication before use. Finally, lube launchers can help put lubricant where you need it, even if you have limited hand dexterity. We also recommend lube launchers for those who are starting a daily vaginal moisturizing regime to boost their own natural lubrication by pairing the lube launcher with Aloe Cadabra unscented lubricant.


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Weight 5 oz


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