Tammy Double Ring C-Ring


Tammy has a special double penetrator penis cock rings which are not like any other products. With the second penis ring around the balls, Tammy will bring you a whole new intensely stimulating experience.



Svakom designed Tammy with couples in mind. The smaller loop sits at the base of the shaft, while the larger ring wraps around the balls.

Face the vibrating portion to the wearer for an intense solo experience. On the other hand, turn it towards a partner for fireworks of stimulation. The textured nubs create as much stimulation as possible for the receiver.

Tammy is rechargeable and waterproof, which means shower-play is on the table. Only body-safe ingredients make up this delightful toy. There are 5 patterns and 5 levels of intensity, which means 25 different modes to explore and find what works best for you! One-button control makes it easy to please.

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Weight 9 oz


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