Ways to use a Bullet Vibrator

7 Ways to use Bullet Vibrators

Tips for the Classic Bullet

Sometimes the most powerful motors can come in the smallest packages. Just because a toy is small, doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. Bullet vibes and mini vibes are the ideal option when you want just a little something extra. There is a wide range of bullet vibes with different features to suit every fantasy. Whether you’re looking for a toy that can be used alone or with a partner, handheld or worn, app or remote controlled, or slipped into your existing harnesses, sleeves, or attachments, we’re sure to have the perfect choice for you. Ideal for travel, discreet, and always body safe, find your perfect mini vibe here!

7 Ways to Use Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are great for masturbation, especially for those with a clitoris. Many people can only achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation. And bullet vibes are great for that! Whether you like direct stimulation or spread out over the clitoral hood, bullets are versatile enough to cover it all! They’re small enough to provide pinpoint accuracy and are often powerful enough to get the job done.

Bullet vibrators are also great for those with testicles and perineums! Look for a softer silicone bullet for the delicate testicles, or a more powerful version for perineum stimulation! Bullet vibrators can work well for those with erectile dysfunction, as it can bridge the gap between arousal and ejaculation.

Of course, we can’t leave out the nipples! While not everyone enjoys chest sensation, the nipples tend to be the most likely to benefit from vibration. The smaller, handheld size of bullet vibes makes them easier to use for nipple play. If you already explore nipple play with clamps, adding vibration can really turn up the fun! Simply take a bullet vibe and touch part of the clamp–or even direct nipple-to add more sensation to your session. Some folks can even orgasm from nipple sensation alone!

Integrate smaller vibes it into your oral sex routine! Use a bullet vibe to stimulate your partner’s other erogenous zones while you pleasure them orally. Alternatively, touch the tip of the toy to your throat, cheek, or even tongue to let make yourself a vibrator!

Level up penetrative sex by incorporating a bullet vibrator! Slide a the toy between you and your partner to give both of you a little vibrational boost during play.

It’s not recommended that you use bullet vibrators internally, as many are hard to utilize from the smaller size. We do offer a few toys that are on the larger end of the spectrum and can be used to explore internal vaginal vibration. However, bullet vibrators are not anal safe unless they have a flared based that is AT LEAST twice as large as the largest part of the toy. Since our butts don’t have an end point, anything that enters that area needs to have a base for safety.

Pleasure isn’t the only use for these portable toys; bullet vibrators can be used as pinpoint massagers, loosening up muscle kinks before a manual massage. The neck, shoulders, head, and even face can benefit from vibration. Just be sure to thoroughly clean any toys that are used on other areas of the body.

Pleasure at Your Fingertips

We have given you 7 ways to explore pleasure with a bullet vibrator; this is by no means a full list. Since pleasure is such a unique, individual experience, it makes sense that how we achieve pleasure is just as unique! We have a full selection of Bullet Vibrators to choose from to suit your desires!

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