Body Safe Earth-Friendly Toy Materials Spotlight: Silicone

Body Safe Earth-Friendly Toy Materials Spotlight: Silicone

Welcome to the third installment of our series on our favorite body safe and environmentally friendly toy materials. Today we’re talking about silicone.

Why do we love silicone? Well, like all of the materials we’re talking about in this series, it’s nonporous and thus won’t harbor bacteria but silicone is especially rad and here’s why: Silicone is crazy versatile. It can be used to make things that are soft and squishy or firm to the point of feeling hard. Silicone is excellent at transmitting vibration and holds body temperature beautifully.

We’ve already mentioned that silicone is nonporous and doesn’t harbor bacteria but it’s also incredibly easy to clean. Soap and water usually do the trick but when you need to sterilize a toy (to share with other partners for example) toys without motors can be put in boiling water to get the job done. Generally, we don’t advise using silicone lubricant with silicone toys because it can damage them (although some high-quality lubes and high-quality toys do fine together). When properly cared for a quality silicone toy is an investment that can last a lifetime. Here are some we love.

You can find more from Tantus, We-Vibe, Fun Factory, and even more great companies (we carry a LOT of silicone!) here at As You Like It!

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