Erectile Dysfunction: Strategies for a Hard Topic

“Erectile Dysfunction” (“ED”) is the common term for describing a man’s inability to achieve and/or retain an erection and sometimes is paired with lowered libido. That said most men over 50 experience a decline in erectile function, which is an entirely normal attribute of the aging process and the decline of testosterone. Unfortunately, our culture has convinced men that they are lacking if not equipped with a firm erection on demand and Big pharma would have us believe that a softer, less predictable erection is something that couples need to fix with drugs such as Viagra.

Whether normal or a “dysfunction,” problems attaining and keeping an erection certainly can affect a couples’ love life. Fortunately, there are ample non-pharmaceutical solutions that can enable people to enjoy passionate and energetic intimacy. Eugene’s As You Like It; a Pleasure Shop carries products and offers workshops that can enliven and inspire greater sexual intimacy!

For example, Hot Octopus’ Pulse III is a hands-free male vibrator (a “Guybrator”) that stimulates a non-erect penis to erection using oscillation. Men can use the Pulse to attain erections with a partner for intercourse or to experience orgasm solo. In addition, after attaining an erection, a man can use a cock ring to help retain erectile strength for up to 20-30 minutes. For men who do not feel the need to have an erection a strap-on system can allow him to simulate intercourse and penetrate a partner.

On Sunday, December 4 at 6 pm, join us at As You Like It-The Pleasure Shop for an informative seminar about ED. Presenter Mark Flowers will address the causes of ED, offer simple, fun and sustainable ways to re-energize your sex life, and discuss holistic and creative ways to cope with ED.

Mark has been managing ED for ten years. He offers insight and hope for others who may be struggling with getting and keeping an erection and the emotional fallout caused by cultural expectations.

Cost is $5-$10 sliding scale.

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