The Health Benefits of Prostate Play

The P-Spot: Combining Health and Pleasure

The Many Health Benefits of Prostate Play

by Jackie

Have you heard of the P-Spot?

Short for Prostate, the P-spot is a small gland that rests around the urethra in the bodies of most penis-owners. Its function is to create the fluid that supports sperm, which is then ejaculated as semen. For those that are interested in exploring, it can be found about two inches inside the rectum on the forward wall of the body.

Many have discovered in their search that when stimulated correctly, the prostate can also be a source of serious pleasure. Some have even achieved the elusive prostate orgasm! Because of the incredible potential of the prostate, we carry lots of amazing toys designed specifically to stimulate the prostate, and it’s consistently one of the most popular sections of our online store. So it’s safe to say that there are plenty of people out there discovering the pleasure of the prostate.

And there’s even more good news for all the prostate players out there! It turns out that there can be a lot of health benefits of prostate play as well. So how can stimulating the prostate help to improve your prostate health? Let us explain.

The prostate is a gland about the size of a walnut, and in the body it behaves very much like a sponge. And similarly to a sponge, the prostate tends to absorb toxins from your body over time. This can lead to inflamed or enlarged prostates, which can have all kinds of painful and harmful side effects and even evolve into prostate cancer.

Massaging the prostate can help to release the toxins, almost like squeezing the water out of a sponge. But this is a gradual process that relies on gentle pressure applied over time. Historically, when prostate-owners discovered that their prostate was enlarged, the only course of treatment was to visit their doctors repeatedly to get a prostate massage. In this form of treatment, the doctor would use their finger to manually stimulate the prostate through the person’s anal cavity.

But to have a doctor do this in their office is rarely an enjoyable experience for the patient. It is often awkward to be touched in such an intimate place by someone you don’t know well personally, and the patient is usually uncomfortable and nervous because of their visit. It isn’t exactly a pleasurable situation to be in.

Enter Aneros, and their multi-patented line of prostate massagers. Originally designed by a medical device company to treat enlarged prostates, the first massager created by Aneros’ parent company was only available with a doctor’s prescription. With their revolutionary new massagers, the patients could now perform prostate massages at home, where they can be more relaxed and comfortable.

But prostate doctors soon noticed something about their patients: once they got their hands on these handy little gadgets, prostate owners were not eager to return their new Aneros devices! Many of them had discovered the incredible pleasure that comes with pinpointed prostate massage alongside the health benefits!

Aneros massagers are ergonomic in every way, meticulously designed with years of medical research to back them up. Every millimeter of these massagers is the result of extensive testing and feedback. They work with the natural shape of the body to target the prostate with accuracy and precision.

All Aneros products are designed to be used entirely hands free thanks to their distinctive trident shape. The two external arms rest outside the body to hold the massager in the ideal place, while the body’s natural movements will cause the massager to rock back and forth naturally upon its pivot point. This leads to gentle but surprisingly intense rhythmic tapping against the prostate. Many people begin by wearing an Aneros massager while they masturbate, while others enjoy the heightened sensations while having sex with a partner.

Intended to be comfortable, many people like to wear their massager for longer periods of time than other toys. Some people have found that they enjoy wearing their their massager while cleaning their home, running errands, or traveling. With enough practice, you can not only benefit your prostate, but increase your pleasure, experience multiple orgasms, and have more satisfying sex overall.

These massagers come in a variety of shapes and sizes for all levels of experience with prostate play, and are made with 100% medical grade materials. The Classic line is made out of surgical grade plastics, and is the most basic line. Their firm texture leads to intense massages and offers the most that can seriously benefit prostates. The SYN lines uses body safe silicone as its the outer layer, giving the toy a softer, satin feel.

Our bestselling prostate massager is the Helix Syn, which combines the original beginner friendly shape of the Helix Classic Trident with the luxuriously soft silicone feel of the Syn line. Or for those who are already plenty experienced in prostate play, the Eupho by Aneros is a smaller shape that requires stronger muscles to achieve the distinctive rocking motion, and offers even more pinpointed pressure.

But Aneros knows that everyone has different desires for their prostate play, and they have something to please all p-spots. For the anal or prostate enthusiast who wants something with a little more size, try the larger Progasm Prostate Massager. And for those who desire a little bit of buzz with their prostate play, Aneros has also created a vibrating line! The Helix Syn – their bestselling prostate massager – has recently gotten a serious upgrade in the brand new Helix Syn V and its ultra-powerful vibrating motor. And for true anal aficionados who want something both big and buzzy, try the Vice 2 Vibrating Prostate Massager.

This month, Aneros will be celebrating Movember with all kinds of new resourecs and products, so make sure you keep your eyes on our social media accounts to be updated about the newest goodies. November is an important month for Aneros in particular, as it invites them to center their roots as leaders in the fight against prostate cancer. This time of year, we remember that preventative measures, such as prostate massage, are incredibly important to maintaining our health.

Here at As You Like It, we love when taking care of your health overlaps with pleasure. And our customers do too – which is why it’s no surprise that Aneros products are consistently some of the most popular and well-reviewed products in our store.

So if you haven’t yet discovered the power of the elusive p-spot, consider an Aneros product to begin your exploration; you could unlock sensations you never knew you were missing! And remember that in addition to the incredible amount of pleasure you can access, there are also lots of health benefits of prostate play. It doesn’t just feel good – it turns out it’s also good for you!

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