What's so great about masturbation?

What's so great about masturbation?

What’s so great about masturbation?

So, we here at As You Like It are big fans of masturbation and with good reason! Sure, it feels good but there’s so much more! We’ve put together this list of 5 reason we love about self-love- check it out!

What better way to learn about your body?

No one is born knowing what feels good for them. Exploration through masturbation can help you figure out what you enjoy, what you don’t like at all and what brings you to orgasm. That’s awesome information to have for your own use and for engaging sexually with anyone else.

It’s better than a lullaby

Remember lullabies? So soothing and relaxing. Such a nice way to transition from awake to asleep. Grown ups don’t tend to get lullabies, which is a shame but when you think about it, masturbation is like a grown up lullaby. It’s a lovely way to soothe yourself to sleep. Bonus: research shows that an orgasm can actually help you sleep better. Sweet dreams, indeed!

Exploring uncharted territory rules

Sometimes you’re curious about things but maybe want to check it out a bit before bringing in a partner – hooray for masturbation! Wondering about anal play, use your own fingers or a butt plug (don’t forget the lube!) and try it out on your own. Wondering about dual penetration? Different angles? Something you read about but aren’t sure if it will feel good enough to warrant how silly it looks? These are all thinks you can try before you bust them out in the heat of the moment!

It’s a stress-buster

We all know that life is stressful, and that stress can result in tension that can turn us into way less fun versions of ourselves. There are entire industries built around relieving this tension. From products like punching bags and those squeeze-y balls to yoga classes and massages a lot of people make a lot of money trying to help you de-stress. How about saving that money and instead taking some time to make yourself feel good, to focus solely on your pleasure and possibly trigger a huge physical/emotional release? Sounds awesome, right? Once again, masturbation for the win!

It’s A LOT of fun!

Seriously, it just is. It’s 100 percent for you without expectation or judgment. Sex is play time for grownups. Life is serious enough, so just have some fun. There’s no wrong way to do it; the only rule is to just enjoy yourself!

Oh, and play time is even better with toys. Find something that looks fun and start having some!

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