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These elegant glass pieces can be used as both dildo and dilator! Simple, frictionless, and subtly shaped, these toys are everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Engage in temperature play with these sturdy toys! Warm or cool them in water either soothing or sizzling sensations. The flawless glass makes these toys perfect for internal massage, dilation practice, or just plain pleasure!

As if that wasn’t enough, these toys can also serve as gentle dilators that can help massage the internal walls of the vagina and deposit your favorite body-safe lubricant. And if you’re feeling sore after sex, you can cool this toy down with chilled water before inserting it. It’s like a soothing ice pack for your vaginal tissues. All this is what makes this a very popular pleasure tool for people experiencing menopause symptoms!



The Curve is a curved dildo made of handcrafted, body-safe Borosilicate glass. The Curve has multi-girth ends (1.25″ and .75″) that provides easy control for self-pleasure or with a partner. Designed for personal exploration and G-Spot stimulation in mind. Completely nonporous, the Curve is dishwasher-safe and sterilizable as a complement to safer sex practices. Its durable case has a soft fabric lining for easy storage & travel.

The Forte is an S-shaped hand crafted Borosilicate glass dildo with multi-girth ends (1.25″ and .75″) for G-Spot and deeper penetration. The Forte‘s sensual shape is ideal for partner play. Made of body-safe Borosilicate glass, it is completely nonporous, the Forte is dishwasher-safe & sterilizable as a complement to safer sex practices. Its durable case has a soft fabric lining for easy storage & travel.

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Because these glass dildos are slim, designed to follow the natural curve of the body, and incredibly smooth, they work just as well as dilators as they do as pleasure tools. Because of this, these are some of the most commonly recommended items from pelvic floor specialists. Dilation can assist with easing painful penetration, giving internal massage, and stretching the muscles of your vulva. Dilation can also encourage blood flow to your intimate tissues, which aids in sensitivity and arousal. If you are experiencing vaginal dryness or painful penetration as you age, these dilators are ideal for you.

If you are hoping to use these elegant glass toys for dilating, we recommend pairing them with Aloe Cadabra unscented lubricant for luxurious moisturizing, or Uberlube silicone lubricant for an incredibly smooth and friction-free glide.

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Weight 12 oz

Curve, Forte

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    This is a great toy and also useful for things other than sexy times. I had a similar device recommended to me by a pelvic floor specialist to help massage internally, so I use the Crave Curve to massage internal trigger points. I also use it at room temperature after sexy times to help soothe my internal tissues. This was also super easy to keep clean; I use mild soap and warm water and let it air dry then pop it back in its discreet case.

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