Silk Dildo Trilogy by Tantus

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Pure pleasure is now at your fingertips!

Meet the Silk Trilogy — perfect for couples wanting to experiment with both anal and vaginal penetration.

Silk trilogy is a great starter toy. They are extremely flexible and long lasting, built to last! As always,

Tantus brings another 100% pure silicone, hypoallergenic, no smell and no taste dildo. Boil it, bleach it or even put in the dishwasher, Silk can handle it…



Versatile and perfect for those wanting to experiment with something larger. Compatable with most generic harnesses, enjoy this Tantus dildo in 2 different colors. Also, a great dilator! Silk-Purple-Trilogy

Small: The shaft’s length is 4.25″ with a diameter of .75″.

Medium: The shaft’s length is 6″ with a diameter of 1.4″.

Large: The shaft’s lenght is 7″ with a diameter:1 3/8

The fact that all Tantus Toys are made entirely of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone, makes them extremely easy to clean. For a quick cleaning, simply wash with antibacterial soap and water. The premium quality of Tantus silicone also allows for it to be boiled and/or bleached in a 10% bleach solution. For the most complete and thorough cleaning don’t hesitate to toss your Tantus Toy on the top rack of the dishwasher. Just don’t let anyone help with the dishes! Let the toy air dry completely or dry with a lint free cloth before storing.

With minimal care, Tantus Toys can last a lifetime.

In short, all Tantus Toys are extremely easy to clean.

  • Wash with antibacterial soap and water
  • Boil in hot water (safe up to 600° Fahrenheit)
  • Bleach in a 10% bleach solution
  • Toss on top rack of dishwasher

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Weight 9.28 oz

1 review for Silk Dildo Trilogy by Tantus

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    I have both the small and the large size of the silk and there are pros and cons! The large is a really smooth and nice fullness, but it is a bit hard textured for my preference. I find that it’s too stiff for hard penetration but great for feeling full. The small on the other hand is super flexible and really nice for easy and seamless anal play!

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