The New Love and Sex After 60


You may be getting older but love and sex are still a vital part of your life. Here is the book that speaks to your concerns about sex beyond the middle years.

Two leading experts have completely updated and revised the classic guide on the subject to address the needs of our changing world in the new millennium. Because a vibrant and satisfying sex life has no age ceiling!



Inside you’ll find the truth about aging and how it affects sexual desire and lovemaking. A thorough guide is included to common medical problems–and solutions. You will also read about new drugs that can improve and enhance sexuality. This includes the latest on Viagra, as well as extensive research on post-menopausal changes.

In addition, get a detailed look at the procedures for easing and solving sexual problems, practical strategies for finding new relationships and staying sexually fit, and advice to help your adult children understand your new relationships.

When this book was first published in 1976, a Florida newspaper refused to advertise it as “too prurient for the general public.” Happily, the book became a classic anyway and has gone through several editions over 25 years. This update merely strengthens its credentials as the best all-around sex manual for older adults.

There is thorough coverage of the standard topics: the effects of normal aging, medical problems, and drugs on sexuality and how to overcome roadblocks; physical and emotional sexual fitness; singlehood and relationships; sexual enhancement tips; dating, remarriage, and one’s children; and finding help.

This new edition incorporates same-sex relationships more equitably. In addition, readers are given permission not to be strongly interested in sex a refreshing change from the “super-orgasms can change your life!” approach of so many sex manuals.

400 Pages.

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