Wait, What?


A Comic Book Guide to Relationships, Bodies, and Growing Up

An illustrated guide from sex educators that gives an age-appropriate reference to sex, bodies, relationships, identities and much more. Depicted as a supportive group of friends, this book navigates growing up, a sometimes tricky sticky thing.

Join friends Malia, Rico, Max, Sam, and Alexis as they talk about all the weird and exciting parts of growing up! This supportive group of friends are guides for some tricky subjects. Using comics, activities, and examples, they give encouragement and context for new and confusing feelings and experiences.



Wait, What? Softcover. 80 pages.

Inclusive of different kinds of genders, sexualities, and other identities, this book talks about important topics like:

● Bodies, including puberty, body parts, and body image
● Sexual and gender identity
● Gender roles and stereotypes
● Crushes, relationships, and sexual feelings
● Boundaries and consent
● The media and cultural messages, specifically around bodies and sex
● How to be sensitive, kind, accepting, and mature
● Where to look for more information, support, and help

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