Vibe Pad


Enjoy orgasms with a new kind of external stimulation using the Vibe Pad!

The velvety soft silicone and the flowing shape perfectly adapts to a range of bodies; place it on a chair, the bed, or whatever surface you want pleasure on.

The shaped waves each hold a motor that can be controlled independently with the included remote. Explore 7 vibration intensities in each shape. Designed to fit comfortably and stimulate a vulva, anus, perineum, testicles, or more!

Elegant, comfortable, and precise; the Vibe Pad opens doors to new routes of pleasure and new ways to play.



The Vibe Pad offers widespread sensations, remote control, 2 powerful motors, and soft silicone! Sit it on the bed, a chair, a pillow, or anywhere else you are seeking pleasure. The shape incorporates 2 anatomically shaped stimulation waves designed to stimulate a range of bodies; perfect for the vulva, anus, testicles, or perineum! Each mound houses a motor so vibration can be distributed as evenly as possible.

Explore 7 powerful vibration modes in each wave that can be controlled together or independently! The included remote control makes changing the vibe as simple as pressing a button. It also opens doors to unique partnered play!

Splash proof and rechargeable, the Vibe Pad is compatible with your favorite water-based lubricant to add the right kind of slippery to the fun. Clean with warm water and a gentle, unscented soap; alternatively, use a toy cleaner!

Vibe Pad Dimensions

  • 11.4″ / 29 cm total length
  • 8.1″ / 20.7 cm total width
  • 1.1″ / 2.9 cm height of shorter bump
  • 1.6″ / 3.2 cm height of taller bump

Additional information

Weight 30 oz
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 3 in


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