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The Best Buy for Your Booty

Our Top 10 Bestselling Butt Plugs of All Time

Welcome to Anal August, that special time of the year when we celebrate the booty and all its potential for pleasure.

Anal play is more popular than you think – take it from us! Butt plugs are consistently one of our bestselling product families, and we have customers of all genders, anatomies, ages, shapes, sizes, abilities, and relationship structures who are interested in exploring the wide world of butt stuff. After all, every body has a booty!

Of course, no one needs to participate in anal. Some have had poor past experience, and others simply aren’t interested – and that’s ok! But if you’re only hesitating to explore butt stuff because of social stigmas or nerves, we want to give you the tools you need to make sure that nothing holds you back from appreciating all the pleasure your booty can bring.

Remember, when it comes to anal, lube is non-optional. Make sure you invest in a high quality lubricant before you start exploring, and double check that the materials are compatible before you introduce a new toy to the mix. And if you are especially interested in getting into anal play, read our Ultimate Guide to Anal Adventures blog before you dive in.

So where should you start? While every body is different, and no two people want the exact same things from a toy, there are some lessons to be learned from the good experiences of others. The following toys are our bestselling butt plugs of all time. These reviews were written anonymously from our staff, customers, and friends of the store. So if you’ve been wondering about the right plug for you, we compiled this list to compare the best features of the most popular picks.

1. The Snug Plug Collection by b-Vibe

“Snug Plugs are unique in the plug game, because they’re designed for long-term wear. I’m a pretty experienced anal player, so any time I see a product from b-Vibe, I get excited. But the Snug Plug Collection is an ultimate favorite for me because they let me take my play out and about! For me, the shape is defined by the extremely thin and flexible neck that doesn’t hold me open too wide, allowing my body to relax and enjoy the internal sensations. However, the Snug Plugs also have a unique torpedo-shaped body, which puts a steady pressure on your internal pleasure points. The original snug plugs have internal weights that shift with movement, and these are my favorite to wear when I go out dancing, hiking, or roller-skating. But they also have vibrating versions as well, which I like to use when playing with my partner in the bedroom. But the best thing about the Snug Plugs to me is that they come in so many different sizes with easy to understand increments, so whether you’re just starting to explore using plugs or you’re a total size queen, there’s a Snug Plug that can meet you at your experience level.”

2. The Perfect Plug by Tantus

“The Tantus Perfect Plug is aptly named because it is the ideal plug choice for butt stuff beginners! I would say that at least 50% of our customers who come in to buy their first plug walk out with this friendly starter toy. And it’s easy to see why: the internal portion of the toy is slender and not at all intimidating. The unique bulb shape helps it stay in place with minimal effort, while also providing more subtle sensation than the traditional spaded plug shape. The silicone is smooth and soft, offering just the right amount of texture on insertion. I also really love that the base is slender and flexible instead of totally wide and round. This means that for folks who are a little cheekier, the external arms rest comfortably and securely outside the body while still anchoring the toy safely. This plug, while small, provides a lot of stimulation when worn during penetrative vaginal sex. It truly is The Perfect Plug for those who want just a little something.”

3. Stainless Steel Pure Plugs by nJoy

“I absolutely love steel toys. I prefer to use silicone lubricant for anal play because it’s so slippery and long-lasting, and pairing steel and silicone together creates a super-smooth slide that’s hard to resist for me. And as far as plugs go, the Pure Plugs by nJoy Pure Plugs by NJoy are the gold-standard in stainless steel. The small size was the very first plug I ever bought, and while I have since sized up, I still sometimes use that very first plug! The best thing about the Pure Plugs to me is the shape. The base is straight rather than round, meaning that it slides comfortably between the cheeks instead of holding them open, which I find uncomfortable. The bulb is a satisfying width, but is tapered to a subtle point which makes insertion super easy, and the angle is perfect for brushing subtly against the prostate. I also love the weight and firmness of steel plugs, which offer a more intense sensation than standard silicone plugs. If I could only ever have one plug for the rest of my life, there’s no question that it would be my NJoy Pure Plug.”

4. Helix Syn Prostate Massager by Aneros

“The prostate is one of the most popular pleasure points to target with a toy. And no one understands the prostate like the professionals at Aneros. All Aneros prostate massagers are meticulously designed squarely on both medical science and years of market research. And the bestselling Aneros massager in our store is the Helix Syn. The genius of the Helix collection’s design is actually not in the carefully curated shape of the internal arm, but in the two external arms. The two gentle nubs not only stimulate the outside of the body, they also hold the massager in the perfect position to reach the prostate. And as your body moves, whether thrusting your hips into a partner or rocking them during a solo session, the massager is designed to rock naturally back and forth. This simple hands-free function creates an intense tapping sensation against the prostate unlike any other. And while all of the Trident massagers have the same three-prong design, the Syn collection takes the shape of the original Helix shape and coats it in a thin layer of medical-grade silicone. This adds a soft touch to the massage, which tends to be more pleasurable for beginner prostate explorers. It’s easy to see why the Helix Syn is so in demand for our customers.”

5. Crystal Delights Glass Gem Plugs

“My favorite plugs of all time are the jewel plugs by Crystal Delights. I really like to take sexy pictures and send them to my partners, and there’s nothing quite as sexy to me as being able to show off that I have a gemstone in the most intimate place. The way these crystals catch the light is so pretty, like I’m wearing sexy secret jewelry. I love how many colors they come in, so I can always find one to match to my lingerie. But they’re more than just pretty. I also love how smooth the glass is, and that you can use any lube you want with glass the borosilicate glass, even coconut oil. Another amazing thing about the Crystal Delights plugs is that they come in different bulb sizes and stem lengths. Personally, I like the small bulb but with a long stem so that I get the sensations nice and deep. And I really love wearing them during doggy, so I get dual sensations while I know my partner is getting a gorgeous view.”

6. Primo Warming Anal Vibrator by Svakom

Svakom’s Primo Plug was my very first anal toy! I chose Primo as a nervous beginner because while I had always been curious about plugs, my experience with butt stuff was always limited to a single experimental finger. So when I decided to shop, I didn’t know for sure what I was looking for. Primo stood out to me because it was remarkably close in length and width to my index finger, so I felt like it was a manageable size without being too small. I was a little nervous about a toy getting pulled into the body, having heard plenty of horror stories, but Primo had a comfortingly wide base that made me feel safe. And once I tried it, I loved it! One of my favorite things about Primo is the length, and how powerful the motor is. I also love that it comes with a remote control, so I don’t have to reach around myself awkwardly to adjust the settings. And because it also warms up during use, Primo feels almost like a real finger! I use Primo a lot when I am flying solo, and it always makes masturbation so much more intense.”

7. Tilt Dual-Motor Plug by Lora diCarlo

“One of my all-time favorite places foto receive vibration is the perineum, or taint. And I looked for a long time for a plug that offered satisfying external stimulation to that area, as well as internal. Then I tried Tilt by Lora DiCarlo. Tilt is a dual-motor vibrator, which means that there is vibration in the internal bulb, but also in the external portion. And that arm is lengthy and gently curved, designed to fit snugly against the body for simultaneous external and internal sensation. I was intrigued by the fact that the two internal and external motors can be operated independently and offered such a wide range of vibration settings. Needless to say, it was love at first try with this plug. I also love that Tilt has a built-in warming function! I have poor circulation, and the heat works wonderfully to encourage blood flow to the area, which increases sensitivity. Tilt is my favorite plug of all time because of its high quality and wide array of different features and use options.”

8. Small Silk Dildo by Tantus

“For those who are hoping to achieve a (gentle) thrusting anal experience, like pegging or penetration, the Silk by Tantus is a great beginner toy to help you explore. When my sweetie told me about his ex that was really into anal, and who was always ready for that kind of play, I was intimidated at first. The thought of anything resembling the thrusting style of penetration he described was overwhelming to me. And to be honest, we may never get to that level of anal sex. That said, Silk was a super simple and safe option to start exploring with! The smallest option is just barely bigger than my pinky and totally smooth, which was an ideal introduction for a more friction forward anal playtime. The flat base ensures it will never accidentally slip inside, which was a concern for me when shopping for a slim anal toys. The base can even suction to any flat surface, which I discovered allowed for more control of speed and depth. Once I became familiar with the toy in my hands, I passed the control over to him, and we both enjoyed the experience. Silk is the perfect size for folks interested in double penetration, or adding anal to other types of play, as well as folks hoping to eventually “level up” to anal penetration with a penis or a larger toy.”

9. Vector Adjustable Prostate Vibrator by We-Vibe

“Having played with a lot of butt and prostate toys in my time, I can say that Vector by We-Vibe is at the top of my favorites list. Out of the anal pleasure toys I’ve experienced, Vector’s combination of shape, flexibility and motor has got something extra special going for it! First, the motor. We-Vibe is known for their rumbly, bass-heavy motors, and Vector is no exception. From the lowest setting to the highest intermittent pattern, this anal toy really rocks. Both the internal head of the Vector and the external part vibrate in those temptingly deep notes. When in place, the external portion provides a delicious “tap tap” sensation against the perineum that I haven’t experienced with other anal vibrators. The neck of the toy, the part that connects the base to the head, is relatively thin (yet strong) and allows the internal and external anal muscles to really relax around the toy, while simultaneously feeling nicely filled up by the generous head. And finally there’s the angle, which is adjustable and easily changes from almost straight to a full 90 degrees. The bend holds its shape internally so you can really dial in the exact amount of prostate stimulation you want. If your prostate and perineum enjoy a rumbly, powerful ride with flexible adjustability, Vector may be a great choice for you.”

10. Rimming Plug by b-Vibe

“I love anal. I have tried so many plugs, and so many of them leave me wanting more. For some people, a thin neck is preferred because it lets their sphincter muscles relax and close up while still getting the internal sensations they want. But for me, part of the appeal is the opening up sensation, and I love to be stimulated around the outside of anus as well as inside. And for that kind of sensation, there is no plug quite like the b-Vibe Rimming Plugs. While I wouldn’t recommend this as anyone’s first plug because of its size, for those who have tried a bit of booty play and know that they want a little more, this plug offers extra sensations. While the internal motor is incredibly powerful and the bulb is pleasantly shaped, the real star of this toy is the rotating beads in the neck. The function is similar to the rotating rabbit vibrators that became iconic in the 90s, but this plug has given the old design a luxurious upgrade of seamless body-safe silicone. One of my favorite features of this plug is that it’s easy to control the direction of the bead rotation, their speed, and the intensity of vibration, all via the included remote. For anal aficionados who are searching for something unique, I cannot recommend the b-Vibe Rimming Plug enough!”

While these reviews may guide you toward a more educated guess depending on what you’re looking for in a plug, we want to stress that it’s impossible to know for sure what your favorite plug will be until you find it. Often, exploring with plugs can be a bit of a bit of a Goldilocks situation – you just need to find the one that’s just right for you!

But don’t get discouraged! The journey can be part of the pleasure! Make educated toy purchases, take your time, use plenty of lube, and remember to listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, slow down, add lube, or try a different or smaller toy. And if you begin to feel uncomfortable for any reason, it’s always okay to take a break.

After all, the whole point is pleasure. Your anal play exploration should be fun and make you feel good. And you deserve a toy that meets all of your unique body’s most intimate desires!

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