Which Wand is the One for You?

Which Wand is the One for You?

by Jackie

If you’re at all interested in sex toys, you’ve likely seen a magic wand before. Defined by their bulbed head, flexible neck, and attached handle, wand vibrators have a long and iconic history. Offering unparalleled power and incredible versatility, they make a sound investment in pleasure for every body. I can still remember seeing Samantha Jones on an episode of Sex and the City insisting that her favorite wand was a vibrator, in spite of a scandalized salesperson insisting it was a back massager. So it’s no surprise that my very first vibrator was the classic Magic Wand. If it was recommended by a sexpert like Samantha, surely it would be good enough for a toy newbie like me. And it was more than good enough — it was love at first buzz.

It’s been a long time since that magical moment, and I have been lucky enough to try lots of toys in the meantime. But even though my vibe collection has grown to be much more vast and varied over the years, I still usually find myself reaching for my wand. My original Magic Wand was retired a some time ago, and I’ve tried out lots of wands in the years since. And one thing I’ve discovered is that while they all share the same basic shape, they also all have unique powers.

So which wand should you choose? The truth is that there is no one right answer. After all, every body has different likes, wants, and needs. No one can pick what wand is right for you except you. The good news? I’ve done the legwork to be able to compare and contrast the features of all the very best wands on the market today. So when you’re ready to invest in a magic wand of your own, you can be confident you’re choosing the right tool to tap into your powers of pleasure! 

Magic Wand Plus

Magic Wand Plus

Power Level: 10/10. 4 speeds.

Size/Weight: 13”, 1.3 lbs. 

Notable Features: This Magic Wand is almost identical to the version that debuted in the 80s — except for the upgrade to its motor, of course. The Plus version of the Magic Wand is a plug-in, which means that it will never lose power, even in the most marathon of sessions.

Perfect for: I recommend this wand for traditionalists who fell in love with the Original Magic Wand years ago (like I did), and want one just like it. It's also cheaper (and a little bit stronger) than the rechargeable version — so if you want a true Magic Wand on a budget, without sacrificing power, this is the toy for you!

Price: $110

Le Wand Petite

Le Wand Petite

 Power Level: 7/10. 10 speeds and 6 patterns.

Size/Weight: 10”. 7.5oz.

Notable Features: This petite version of the rechargeable Le Wand is a bestseller — and for good reason! It's a more manageable size than most wands on the market, and the lightweight design makes the Le Wand easy to hold and control. Plus, with the convenient travel lock, the Le Wand Petite is perfect to take on vacation, no matter where you're off to!

Perfect for: Frequent flyers, college students, and jet-setters, look no farther for your favorite carry-on companion. Those with carpal tunnel or other difficulties holding heavy objects also find the Le Wand petite to be among the best!

Price: $145

Kyro Wand by Zalo

Kyro Wand by Zalo

Power Level: 9/10. 6 speeds and 4 patterns.

Size/Weight: 11.5”, 11.3oz.

Notable Features: Made by Zalo, Kyro is a luxurious new take on the classic wand — but its utterly gorgeous design is only about half as exciting as the included attachments! Included in the box is an internal attachment for g-spot or p-spot stimulation and a fluttering dual-tip attachment for a more tickly touch. It's almost like three toys in one!

Perfect for: Anyone who wants an ultra-chic rechargeable wand, but also wants to explore other sensations! And because of the versatile design of the attachments, this wand also makes the ideal option for trans-feminine folks.

Price: $130

Magic Wand Rechargeable

Magic Wand Rechargeable

 Power Level: 9/10. 4 speeds and 4 patterns.

Size/Weight: 13”, 1.3 lbs.

Notable Features: The original Magic Wand was a plug-in, but many people want the freedom that comes with cordless vibes. Enter the Magic Wand Rechargeable! So now, the iconic wand has entered the twenty-first century, keeping all the same features without sacrificing power.

Perfect for: This is the wand for people who want to stay loyal to the original Magic Wand, but don't want to stay plugged in the whole time they play. I also make sure to point this wand out to anyone who wants a rechargeable cordless wand vibrator with plenty of power, but without any unecessary bells and whistles. 

Price: $150

Wanda by VeDo

Wanda by VeDo

Power Level: 6/10. 6 speeds and 10 patterns.

Size/Weight: 9.5”, 8oz.

Notable Features: One of the most compact and ergonomic wands we carry, Wanda is another of our bestsellers. This rechargeable and splash-proof vibe has a traditional rounded head, but a much slimmer handle than most wands, making it easy to grip, move, and hold. Plus, for a toy of this size, Wanda features surprisingly rumbly vibrations.

Perfect for: This wand is a go-to for folks who have never tried a wand before, and want to see what all the hype is about! Because of its convenient size, intuitive single-button control, and budget-friendly price tag, Wanda makes a perfect first-time wand!

Price: $80

 The Doxy Number 3

Doxy Number 3
Power Level: 10/10. 9 speeds and a pulse mode.

Size/Weight: 11”. 12oz.

Notable Features: Number 3 by Doxy is the little sibling to the Die Cast. Slimmer, lighter, and easier to position, Number 3 has a smaller head than the Die Cast, leading to more focused vibrations — without sacrificing the power you've come to expect from Doxy.
Perfect for: Number 3 is the go-to wand for those that love the design and power of the Doxy Die Cast, but need a slightly lighter toy. The smaller head also means that this wand covers less skin, making it a more convenient option when you want to add penetration to playtime.

Price: $200

Alluvion by nu Sensuelle

Nu Sensuelle Alluvion Wand

Power Level: 7/10. 12 speeds.

Size/Weight: 9.5”, 8oz.

Notable Features: Alluvion is a different kind of wand — one that offers two ways to play. In addition to the bulb side that we have come to expect from wand vibrators, Alluvion by nu Sensuelle also features a flexible handle that doubles as an internal vibrator. That's right — Alluvion is like a wand and posable g-spot vibrator, all in one!

Perfect for: Alluvion is the ideal option for anyone who isn't sure what they like. External, internal, intense, subtle — if you invest in Alluvion, you don't have to choose; you can explore all of the above at your own pace! If you one wand that does it all, try Alluvion.

Price: $140

Magic Wand Mini

Magic Wand Mini

Power Level: 7/10. 3 speeds.

Size/Weight: 9.6”, 10oz.

Notable Features: The most recent addition into the iconic family that started it all, the Magic Wand Mini is a smaller version of the original. At only half the weight of the other versions, this simple three-speed wand is small but mighty.

Perfect for: Magic Wand Mini is a great first wand for those who are intrigued by the legacy of wands, but are intimidated by the size of more traditional wands. Mini is cordless, rechargeable, and travel-friendly. The smaller head also allows for more localized stimulation, while the light design and the shorter body make Mini an easy pick for people with limited strength or dexterity in their hands.

Price: $85

Wini Mini Wand by VeDo

Wini Vibe by VeDo

Power Level: 6/10. 6 speeds and 10 patterns.

Size/Weight: 5.7”, 6oz.

Notable Features: Proof that great things can come in the smallest packages, Wini is a wand that is barely more than pocket-sized. If you're going to maximum covertness and easy storage, Wini is the wand for you! But don't be fooled by its tiny size: this wand still boasts 10 different patterns, and all at a slim $60 price tag!

Perfect for: Wini is the go-to for those with roommates, or who want to travel with their toy. It's also popular for first-time wand buyers, and those who want the bulbed shape of a wand, but on a handheld scale. And if you want to take your wand in the shower, Wini is a great pick.

Price: $60

Com Wand by Dame

Dame Com Wand

Power Level: 7/10. 5 speeds and 5 patterns.

Size/Weight: 10.5”, 9.6oz.

Notable Features: One of the more distinctive wands on the market, Com is defined by its unique shape. Unlike most wands, Com has a handle with a subtle curve.

Perfect for: Com is amazing for partner play! Its shape makes it easy to add this wand to oral or, hold between bodies without a straight handle in the way. It's also great for people with larger bellies, the curve allowing bigger people to work with their bodies instead of against them. And because the buttons are on the end of the handle rather than the center, the vibration doesn't carry into the hands, making it both comfortable to hold and easy to adjust.  

Price: $125

Le Wand Original

Le Wand Original

Power Level: 10/10. 10 speeds and 20 patterns.

Size/Weight: 13.4”. 1.5 lbs.

Notable Features: Le Wand is my personal favorite wand on this list! While it's not the most powerful wand we carry, it has the most patterns by far — no less than 20 to choose from! I also love the range on this toy, starting low and slow and moving up into an earth-quaking rumble. Cordless for total convenience, a super long battery life, and as beautiful as it is powerful, the Le Wand Original is the one toy I would bring with me on a desert island.

Perfect for: I cannot recommend this wand enough to everyone, especially wand lovers. It's the most powerful wand you can get without a cord!

Price: $180

 Doxy Die Cast

Doxy Die Cast Purple
Power Level: 12/10. 10 speeds and pulse mode.

Size/Weight: 14.6”. 1.5 lbs.

Notable Features: The ultimate powerhouse, Doxy Die Cast is a beacon of plug-in power. It's big and heavy, but that's because of the unique weighted design that lends unbelievable rumbly vibrations. And thanks to its large head, this wand covers more surface area than most for extra intense sensations.

Perfect forIf you're looking for a wand with vibrations strong enough to make you see stars, the Die Cast reigns supreme. By far the most powerful vibrator on the market today (and our owner's all-time favorite toy), invest in Doxy if you want for maximum power.

Price: $200

No matter which wand you choose, I genuinely believe that everyone should have a good wand. Every body can enjoy external vibration, and wands are amazing for so much more than just direct clitoral stimulation! No matter your anatomy, orientation, age, ability, or relationship status, a wand is a tool that can unlock hidden powers of pleasure for everybody and every body.

If you still can't pick which wand is right for you just from this comparison, I would encourage you to visit our shop when you get a chance! We have floor models of all the most popular wands, so you can actually hold them in your hand and feel their vibrations for yourself before buying. After all, when it comes to choosing a wand, it's important that the vibe is right.

And like all toys, there is no accounting for taste! Just because I have a personal favorite, doesn't mean we will share the same opinion. Trust your gut, and if you feel the magic calling you, listen to it!


These wands all have their own hidden powers, but so do you!
What's your hidden power?


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    my superpower is finding the light inside even through layers of the dark!


    My fun hidden power is quality communication of needs/desires while understanding my partners needs/desires and working together to achieve them.

    Eric M Wilson

    My hidden power is that I can peel and orange in one piece, in a spiral, with one hand ;)

    Elib Crist-Dwyer

    The Magic Wand was my first, and at 68 today (4/10) is still my go-to toy!!! My hidden power is that I fully embrace pleasure in myself and others – assisting if I am enjoying with them. I’m a late bloomer so this is huge for me and I’m so very grateful!


    My super power is being able to walk into a group and pick out someone that will be able and willing to keep me safe and happy.

    I’ve never tried a wand, I just can’t bring myself to spend that much on something I don’t know for sure I’ll love. I’ve always been very curious about them though.


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