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Intimacy is fundamental to sustaining a healthy, romantic relationship. With true intimacy, partners allow themselves to be open and vulnerable; to discuss emotions, experiences, and needs freely. They rely on each other for safety, both physically and emotionally.

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In Into-Me-See, licensed therapist Dr. Jeannelle Perkins-Muhammad explores the cultural and personal factors that can make it challenging for Black couples to develop and maintain intimacy. The book's title comes from a cultural idiom that describes the ability to look beyond the physical and look deeper to see the greater connection to another person.

Unique among books on intimacy, Into-Me-See explores specific cultural issues affecting Black couples, including how a history of slavery and the ongoing racism in America have created relationship expectations that often work against intimacy.

Other topics include:
  • The four different levels of intimacy physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual that must be addressed to deepen our intimate connections
  • The importance of bringing mental and emotional challenges into the open, so that they can no longer sabotage efforts to become more intimate
  • Real-life stories from Dr. Perkins-Muhammad's work show how Black couples have overcome the challenges they faced to find the deeply intimate and rewarding relationships we all seek.

Whether you are in a brand-new relationship or have been with your partner for decades, Into-Me-See will show you how to take the first steps to a deeper, long-lasting intimate relationship.
Paperback 166 Pages
About The Author:
Dr. Jeannelle Perkins-Muhammad is a Psychotherapist and Licensed Family Therapist with more than 20 years of experience in relationship and life coaching. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in organizational communications, a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and a Ph.D. in counselor education and supervision. Dr. Jeannelle is specifically trained to transform relationships by exploring communication skills, understanding intimacy and sexuality, and improving conflict resolution. She specializes in the intersection of race and mental health, particularly related to the Black experience, the history of American slavery and its influence on the lives and relationships of individuals, families and couples in the Black community.