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Pack Animal Activewear Binder

Pack Animal Activewear Binder

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From Canadian based trans-owned Pack Animal comes the The Activewear Binder.


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From Canadian based trans-owned Pack Animal comes the The Activewear Binder. This binder features Pack Animal's static binder style with a slightly more relaxed fit for multi-hour wear and gives you the flexibility to do more physical activities. Hit the gym, play a sport, or go for a run! Plus the super breathable active mesh helps keep you cool and wick away sweat. This binder also has thinner straps to fit discreetly under tank tops. 


HOW TO MEASURE : With arms down on side, take a snug measurement around the fullest part of your bust.

Make sure you are taking the correct measurements for the band you are about to buy.


As with any product we carry, please use with safety in mind. 

· For folks under 18 it is best to take the binder off after 6 hours and never wear it more than 8. If you can safely take break during the day while wearing that is even better. Even taking a 10-20 break while in a bathroom or any private space. can help lot. Giving a gentle massage while it off and light stretching can also help.

· Never sleep in a binder. This is one of the most important safety concerns for binders. 

· Never double bind

· During the heat of the summer, it is easy to overheat in a binder so try to wear breathable clothing over them

· You can get skin irritations from them so when you do take them off give yourself a check over to make sure you don’t have any chafing

Things to look out for:

· pain in the chest, back, abdominal or shoulders.

· any light-headedness

· shortness of breath

· Heart burn

If you experience any of these, please stop wearing the binder immediately. This could mean you are wearing the wrong size binder, but these are also issues you should flag with a doctor.

· Our bodies change we lose and gain weight which means our binder sizes will change too. Also, ribs don’t stop changing till your mid 20’s so do check your measurements.

· Do incorporate stretching into your life that opens up your chest and shoulders.